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The Best Gas Grills Under $1000 in 2023

Eli Tran
  Mar 22, 2023 12:18 PM

The best gas grills under $1000. If you want to get a grill that pretty much does everything you want, you have to stretch out your budget a bit more. Setting aside a budget of $400 or lower simply isn’t just enough to get an excellent grill that can do anything you want.


If you want to get a grill that pretty much does everything you want, you have to stretch out your budget a bit more. Setting aside a budget of $400 or lower simply isn’t just enough to get an excellent grill that can do anything you want. There is a reason why gas grills are priced the way they are.

Meaning, a grill that costs $800 will probably do more than a grill that only costs $300. So, if you are to ask us, what is the sweet spot in terms of price range, for getting an excellent grill. The answer to that question is around $1000. And here are your best choices for grills $1000.

Out Top Picks


1. Napolean Rogue XT 425 

The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB Propane Gas Grill is an excellent grill that you should consider. Whether you're a novice or an experienced griller, this grill offers unrivaled quality and comes in a power-packed, durable body with a plethora of handy functions. This grill is appealing due to features such as foldable side shelves, porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grids, and Instant JetFire Ignition.

Napoleon exclusively builds high-end grills, and the Rogue is their entry-level model. This does not imply that you are compromising quality. High-quality materials are still utilised, and you receive the essential functions you need to grill a delicious meal. It doesn't have a lot of grill area or a digital temperature control, but it gets the job done.

Structure and Design

The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 has a total cooking area of 665 inches, including the warming shelf.
The cook box is composed of cast aluminum, which is rust and corrosion resistant. This is how they can provide a 15-year warranty.

Folding side shelves, efficient grill cart features, tool hooks, and simple locking castor wheels only add to the appeal of this barbecue.

Cooking Capability

Jetfire lighting ignition and crossover lights enable a quick ignite with every usage.

Grills that deliver high cooking temperatures are not the only ones that are good. They are also more efficient when the heat is better regulated. The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 has accurate heat control, allowing you to work on both low roasting and high searing meals with confidence.

Cooking grids made of porcelain-coated cast iron offer uniform heating and the ideal sear on food.

Wave-shaped cooking grids help evenly distribute heat over the meal, generate uniform sear marks, and prevent food from slipping through.

Dual-level stainless steel plates catch and evaporate food drippings while controlling flare-ups and protecting the stainless steel burners from harm.


  • Cooking Area: 665 square inches
  • BTUs: 51,000
  • Burner Number: 4
  • Dimension:     48.5 x 25 x 51 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron


  • Precise heat control
  • Durable black porcelain glazed door and lid
  • Unique wave shape cooking grid
  • wheel with lock
  • Collapsible side shelves are convenient to use


  • The manufacturer should enhance the packing and inspect the items' handling.

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2. Weber Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Gas Grill

Weber's Genesis series of grills is a considerable step up from its Spirit gas grill collection, which is equally remarkable. Though most Genesis grills cost more than $1,000, the E-335 costs less in a model with a painted enamel coating rather than a stainless steel finish.

Its three gas burners, which provide 39,000 BTUs of heat, are supplemented with a sear burner, which creates a brown crust on steaks and burgers. Flavorizer bars, which minimize flare-ups while providing flavor-infusing smoke, and compatibility with Weber's iGrill app-connected meat thermometers are other considerate additions. Despite the black coating on the lids, all of the grill's interior pieces are stainless steel for additional durability.


  • Cooking Area: 513 square inches
  • BTUs: 39,000
  • Burner Number:  3 Main Burners + 1 Side Burner
  • Dimension:   35.4 x 30.6 x 31 inches
  • Material: N/A


  • Quality build 
  • Concealed Propane tank 
  • Sear station


  • Stainless steel vs. painted enamel

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3. weber spirit e330 lp black grill

Though Weber's Spirit E330 lacks the stainless steel look of comparable grills in this price range, it more than makes up for it in practicality. The sear burner, which is tucked between two of the Spirit's three primary 10,000-BTU burners, is the grill's showpiece. This 7,500-BTU burner augments the two neighboring burners, producing the strong heat required to sear the appropriate char on steaks, chops, and burgers. The side burner on the E330 is a 10,000-BTU burner.

The propane tank is concealed by the Spirit's cabinet-style bottom, which Weber's new Spirit II model lacks. The E330 also has an electronic ignition and heavy-duty casters.


  • Cooking Area:  424 square inches
  • BTUs: 32,000
  • Burner Number:  3 burners plus sear burner
  • Dimension:   32.28 x 25.59 x 24.17 inches
  • Material: Porcelain, Cast Iron


  • Sears store
  • A potent side burner
  • The propane tank is housed in an enclosed cabinet.


  • Instead of stainless steel, a black enamel coating is used.

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4. Monument Clearview 6-Burner Gas Grill

This Monument behemoth can handle huge outdoor cookouts with more than 630 square inches of main cooking surface and an extra 260 or more square inches of warming rack. Its stainless steel cooking surface is supported by five main burners and one internal sear burner, allowing the chef to control the heat in numerous zones. It also includes a side burner for heating sauces.

Monument also has a glass that runs the length of the lid, enabling the cook to view the food and control the interior temperature of the grill without having to continuously open the top. A smokebox and rotisserie kit are further important features. However, at more than 5 feet wide, this barbecue provides enough coverage.


  • Cooking Area:  630 square inches
  • BTUs: 96,000
  • Burner Number:  6
  • Dimension:   ‎19 x 61 x 46 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Side burner and sear burner
  • Large cooking surface
  • Cooking grates made of stainless steel
  • Window on the lid


  • It occupies a huge quantity of area.

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5.Dyna-Glo Premier 5-Burner Natural Gas Grill

It's difficult to locate many stand-alone natural gas barbecues, much alone one the size of this Dyna-Glo model. The grill's 550-plus-square-inch cooking surface has lots of cooking zones thanks to five 12,000 BTU burners, giving the grill a much greater heat flux than most other gas barbecues. It also comes with a 12,000-BTU side burner.

Its tankless natural gas connection frees up plenty of under-grill storage space for grill equipment. Despite the fact that the Dyna-Glo natural gas grill is one of the biggest models on the market (it measures more than 5 feet wide), its all-stainless steel finish makes it appealing. Casters and a wide handlebar on the side table make it easy to move the barbecue around the patio. This Dyna-Glo barbecue comes with a 10-foot natural gas line.


  • Cooking Area:  550 square inches
  • BTUs: 60,000
  • Burner Number:  5
  • Dimension:   ‎    62.99 x 23.23 x 45.28 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron


  • Large heat output
  • Large storage space under the grill
  • Finished in stainless steel


  • Because of the thinner sheet metal design, it is less durable than other grills.

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6. blaze professional portable gas grill

Consider the Blaze Professional gas barbecue if you're serious about tailgating. It's one of the greatest portable grills to take to the stadium parking lot or camping, thanks to its sturdy build and high output burner. Its 12,000-BTU burner, along with the thick 12-mm hexagonal-shaped rods of the cooking grate, provides outstanding heat retention and the capacity to sear meat. The Blaze's "flame tamer" technology under the grate minimizes flare-ups while distributing heat evenly.

This grill's thick-gauge stainless steel structure, which includes the burner and flame guard, provides great durability. It's also bigger than most portable barbecues, with 201 square inches of cooking area. However, due to its heavy-duty design, it weighs slightly more than 50 pounds, making it one of the larger portable grills on the market.


  • Cooking Area:  201 square inches
  • BTUs: 12,000
  • Burner Number:  1
  • Dimension:   14.5 x 27.13 x 15.13 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 12-mm thick hexagonal stainless grate made of heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • The flame-tamer design generates heat while minimizing flare-ups.


  • Pricey for a portable barbecue

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7. Weber Spirit SX-315

It's not easy to have your grill line mentioned twice in a review, but I believe Weber has earned it. They just released their 'Smart Gas Grill' range, and thus far, field reaction has been positive. The more I use my non-smart gas grill, the more I realize how useful it is to have precise temperature control. The new Spirit SX-315 has WIFI-controlled features as well as accurate temperature control.

Set the grill to 350°F and it will rapidly reach and maintain that temperature. Here's where I believe this might be a useful feature: Pizza, rotisserie chicken or turkey, and roasted coffee beans (I just started doing this and I will create a guide on how to do it with a gas grill).

Structure and Design

This is the Weber Spirit grill we've all grown to know and love over the years, but with the modern WiFi technology that so many kitchen appliances now have.

With a total cooking area of 529 square inches, it is the smallest grill in the comparison, but it is big enough for more people. There are three stainless steel main burners and two side tables.

The front-access cabinet conceals your gas tank and incorporates a propane fuel level indicator.

The built-in WIFI controller not only links to your phone's Weber Connect App, but also to the temperature settings on your grill. You may go old school and regulate the temperatures with the gas valves, or you can let the controller do it for you. Pretty slick.

The Spirit SX-315 retains Webers' trusted ignition system.

Cooking Capability

With the WIFI controller capabilities, Weber has incorporated guided recipes. If you're new to cooking a medium or medium rare steak, the grill will tell you when to turn it and estimate when it'll be done if you insert one of the temperature sensors.
This grill's primary cooking surface has enough room for an average family or small BBQ party, as well as high quality porcelain-enamel cast-iron cooking grates.

3 stainless steel burners provide a total heat output of 32,000 BTU. Sufficient output for the grill's size.

The primary cooking surface is 424 square inches, with a warming rack of 105 square inches that comfortably holds 15 burgers.


  • Cooking Area:  529 square inches
  • BTUs: 32,000
  • Burner Number:  3
  • Dimension:   32.5 x 25.8 x 25.98 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • WIFI Monitoring and Control
  • Perfect Temperature Control 
  • Built-in Grilling Assist


  • Price for Grill Size

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How We Selected the Top Gas Grills Under $1000

When selecting our finest grills under $1,000, we took into account a number of factors. When it comes to gas grills, durability is essential, and a grill that costs more than $1,000 should be able to withstand the weather for many years. With this in mind, we typically picked grills with heavier gauge steel construction throughout, including the body, burners, and inner heat distributors.

A grill at this price range should also contain convenience features like sear burners, side burners, and specialist cooking packages like a rotisserie or smoking box. We also preferred grills that had cutting-edge technology, such as sophisticated temperature monitoring systems. In grills, brand matters, and no brand dominates the under-$1,000 market like Weber, which is well-known for build quality and performance.


If you’re wondering when’s the greatest time to get a great bargain on a gas grill or why natural gas grills have a premium price, stay reading for answers to these and other regularly asked questions regarding these outdoor appliances.

Q. When is the ideal time to purchase a gas grill?

The optimum time to buy a gas grill is in the autumn, when demand for outdoor cooking gadgets starts to decline.

Q. Why are natural gas grills more costly on average?

The price difference is due to the fact that natural gas grills are more costly to manufacture. A propane grill comes with a 2-foot hose and a regulator pair, but a natural gas grill comes with a 10-foot hose and a brass fitting that connects to the home's gas line. The longer hose and higher-end fitting raise the overall cost of the barbecue.

Q. How many burners will I require?

This is determined by the size of the cooking surface and how you want to grill. The more burners a grill has, the more uniformly the cooking area can be heated. Having a larger number of burners also allows the chef to create more cooking zones, making it simpler to grill different meals at different temperatures at the same time.

Q. Which is better for you, propane or natural gas?

While neither fuel source poses a significant health danger for an outdoor barbecue, natural gas is lighter, which means it will ascend safely away from the living area faster than denser propane gas, which may linger longer.

Q. How should I clean my gas grill?

Remove residue from the grates within the lid and cooking box using a scraper and wire brush. Brush all of the loose particles into the grease tray before placing them in a garbage bag. Wipe the inside and outside of the grill with a moist towel or sponge. Never wash down a gas grill because it allows water to seep into the nooks and crannies, making it take longer to dry and eventually rust.

Final Thought

There's some disagreement over whether all of this technology in a gas barbecue is necessary. A seasoned griller may say, "No, I don't need this technology in my gas grill," but for a rookie, the technology may soon catch up. They are introduced to the beautiful world of grilling without wasting hundreds of dollars in meat.

Without a digital temperature controller, maintaining a constant temperature in a gas oven may be challenging. I like roasting and roasting chicken in my gas oven, and I like to monitor the temperature during the cooking process. A consistent high temperature of 500F-550F is also required while baking pizza on a gas burner. This smart grill will assist you in baking the ideal pizza. Roasting coffee on a gas burner needs you to control the temperature between 500F and 580F; this smart grill will make it much simpler.

Because of its sturdy construction and useful features like a sear station and smart meat thermometer system, the Weber Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Gas Grill is one of the best models in this price range. Those with large families or who often party might choose the Monument Clearview 6-Burner Gas Grill, which features six burners and 630 square inches of cooking space.

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