The Best Propane Grills 2022 Today


If you are looking for a gas grill that you can use that won’t involve having to pay monthly bills for the fuel, opting for a propane gas grill is your best choice. This on-demand grill is the most practical option if you want to save on monthly expenses. That’s because you don’t need to pay monthly dues just like when you opt for a natural gas grill. A propane grill is great if you don’t really plan to use the grill every day. If you are going to use a gas grill every day (like in a restaurant), then you’re better off using a natural gas grill. So, if you are gonna get a propane gas grill, here are the best propane grills you can choose from.

Weber Spirit II Liquid Propane Gas Grill (2 Burners)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Weber makes some of the best gas grills today. The Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Gas Grill is among those propane gas grills that are touted as the best. You want to know why? Two things mainly, value for money and improved grilling experience. Those are the two main reasons why the Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Grill is on the top of our list. The 2-burner version of this gas grill is the most ideal family liquid propane gas grill. That’s because this gas grill provides just the right amount of cooking space for you to cook for the entire family or even a small barbecue party.  


This gas grill also boasts of two stainless steel burners that put out a total of 26,500 BTU per hour. That’s a pretty decent power and should allow you to grill almost anything you want. Pair that with a 450 square inch cooking area and you are all set with your backyard kitchen. You can start grilling anytime you want. This LP gas grill also features porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates as well as their patented flavorizer bars. Now these flavorizer bars are actually pretty useful. What it does is it catches drippings that will smoke and sizzle, thus adding flavor to the food you are grilling.

Although the features that the Weber Spirit II LP gas grill (2 burners) offer aren’t really overwhelming, the sheer reliability and durability of this gas grill is what makes it the king of the hill. Not to mention that its price is pretty affordable. So, in terms of value for money, this is king.

Char-Broil Classic Four Burner Gas Grill

We could make this list an all-Weber list, but that won’t be fair. You as a consumer, deserve more options. So, with that in mind, the Char-Broil Classic Four Burner Gas Grill is the next best thing. This gas grill from Char-Broil is one of the best they’ve made. Just like the Weber Spirit II, this gas grill also offers great value for your money. It has four burners with a total power rating of 36,000 BTU. Plus, it has a side burner that has a rating of 10,000 BTU. That amount of power can be great for preparing side dishes. It has 475 square inches of primary cooking space and 175 square inches of secondary cooking area. The main cooking area features porcelain-coated, cast iron grates that is guaranteed to spread the heat evenly.


The grill uses stainless steel lid, handle and control panel, which are very durable and should last you a long time. It also comes equipped with a removable grease pan that you can quickly remove. Not only that, it is also very easy to clean. Lastly, it sports an electronic ignition that will guarantee fast and reliable startups. As you can see, these are all the features that you will need from an affordable gas grill. That’s why it is included in our list.

Broil King Baron Propane Gas Grill

Last but certainly not the least on our list is the Broil King Baron Propane Gas Grill. Although at first glance, this gas grill looks small for an outdoor gas grill, it does come equipped with four burners. So, you won’t have to worry whether or not it can really grill the food you want. In fact, its 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners can deliver up to 40,000 BTUs. So, even though it is small, it packs a punch. It also has a 10,000 BTU side burner that can serve as a good space you can prepare your side dish in.


Even though it looks small, it actually offers almost the same cooking space as the Char-Broil Classic. It has a total of 644 square inches of cooking space (444 square inches in the primary cooking area). The fact of the matter is, this LP gas grill is no pushover. It uses reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids and stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system (which is Broil King’s patented cooking system). If you are wondering what this Flav-R-Wave cooking system is, it’s pretty much just like the flavorizer bars of Weber. They work the same way and add more flavor to the food you are grilling. Lastly, the grill uses linear-flow valves that have 180 degree Sensi-Touch control knobs. These knobs will give you infinite heat control, which will then allow you to set the grill to the right temperature so you can achieve that perfect searing, roasting or slow cooking.

With all those features combined, don’t you think the Broil King Baron Propane Gas Grill deserves a spot on our list? Plus, it has excellent build quality too. What more can you ask for?

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