The Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills Today


Owning a gas grill is good investment. But do you know how to make it a great investment? Well, you just need to make sure you get a stainless steel gas grill. So what makes stainless steel gas grills great? For one, it looks quite good mainly because it is shiny and clean looking. But aside from that, stainless steel gas grills will also mean that that they are very durable. This is the main reason why stainless steel gas grills are a great investment. You will really get your money’s worth. But apart from it being durable, stainless steel is also very easy to clean and is generally less expensive. So which stainless steel gas grill should you go for? Here are the top choices.

Weber Summit S-670 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If we are talking about best gas grills, there’s bound to be a Weber grill in that list. The Summit S-670 LP gas grill is considered to be the best stainless steel gas grill today. You want to know why? Well, there are several reasons. First, the sheer size of its cooking space is unbelievable. It has 769 square inches of primary cooking area. That makes it one of the largest gas grills around. Imagine how many burger patties you can cook with that. Aside from it having a huge cooking space, the Summit S-670 LP gas grill is also a very powerful gas grill. Here’s a look at the ratings of its burners:


  • 60,800 BTU – Main cooking space
  • 10,600 BTU – Sear burner
  • 6,800 BTU – Smoker burner
  • 10,600 BTU – Rotisserie burner

That’s impressive power right there. You are guaranteed that the food you are grilling will be grilled according to your preference. The only downside to this gas grill is that it is pretty huge, so moving it can be a pain. It’s a good thing that it has wheels though. But it is still pretty heavy compared to other gas grills. But that’s the price you pay for quality. All of these features are well and good, but what makes this gas grill stand out from the rest is its ability to be controlled easily. When we say controlled, what we really is giving the food you are grilling the right amount of heat so that it will be grilled properly. With this grill, you won’t have to worry about that because its controls are very responsive. Of course with this kind of grill, you’d have to expect it will cost a lot. That’s just how it is. But rest assured, getting this stainless steel gas grill is an excellent investment.

Dyna-Glo DGE Series 4-Burner Propane Grill

The Summit S-670 is a beauty, but don’t sleep on the  Dyna-Glo DGE Series. This is also one heck of a gas grill. The DGE Series 4-burner propane grill offers what the Summit S-670 offers, only in small packages. It isn’t as huge as the Weber grill, but it ain’t small either. It has a total of 646 square inches of cooking space, which is pretty huge actually. That already includes the side burner cooking space. It also looks very luxurious just like the Summit S-670. It has four burners as mentioned in its name. The four burners have a total rating of 40,000 BTU. That should be enough power to distribute even heat across its main cooking space. The side burner has 12,000 BTU should it should be enough to cook side dishes.


Other features like an easy pull out gas tray make this grill a very convenient choice. The only downside to this gas grill is that its lid has a vent. That makes it harder for you to reach higher temperatures. But overall, it is a very reliable grill and is less expensive than the Weber. You basically get the same benefits but in smaller doses. So if you don’t need a very large grill, this is a great choice.

Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S



Last but certainly not the least, the Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S is another excellent stainless steel gas grill. What’s great about this gas grill is that you can cook an entire meal easily with it. It has dual-tube burners that provide a total of 55,000 BTUs. It also features a side burner that will provide an additional 10,000 BTUs. So, it’s an excellent area to cook side dishes or simmer the sauces for your meal. In terms of cooking space, the Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S has a total of 875 square inches of primary cooking space. Then it has an additional 250 square inches of space on a warming rack.

It also features a stainless steel side shelves that you can use to store all your grilling accessories and utensils. It has very durable stainless steel cooking rods that are very easy to clean and will never rust or corrode. Plus, it is also designed to provide even heat distribution and impressive searing. Its Flav-R-Wave cooking system is a special proprietary feature from Broil King. This feature catches and vaporizes grease and drippings (yes, you guessed it, it’s pretty much the same as Weber’s flavorizer bars). This ensures that whatever you are grilling will always have that smokey and flavorful taste. The Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S is an excellent choice if the two other grills mentioned above aren’t available. You are pretty much getting the same thing, a grill that is very reliable and durable.

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