Fuel Type


There are two types of fuel used: natural gas and liquid propane. There are several analyzes for these two options. Natural gas costs less, is easier to charge by buying replacements in a store near your place. However, this option has drawback in that pipeline of gas attached makes your grill stick in the same place and cannot be moved, so it may cause entanglement during grilling, also you’ll need a technician to install, this is also a hassle. Propan liquid is more convenient, you can move your grill around because it isn’t tied down by your gas pipeline. Moreover, you only use lesser energy than natural gas to heat the same amount of food. However, this option also has limitations because it is difficult to buy replacements in regular stores because it is rare, so you need to be prepared full of fuel before the party occur.

There is good news from manufacturers of this product, some gas grills use liquid propane that can run with natural gas if there is a conversion kit, and it will cost a little more for this feature.

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