Master Cook Smart Space Living 3-Burner Gas Grill


A compact but a strong capacity gas grill will probably appeal to you right from the first few lines of introduction. With Master Cook’s 3-burner Gas Grill, you can fit in a small space, and a total output capacity of 30,000 BTU will make your cooking the most convenient and fast. The main cooking space is 340 square inches, large enough to hold 9 burgers. The texture consists of a set of 3 main burners and comes with a swing-away warming rack to grilling corn, vegetables and bread. When the food is ready, you can put it on 2 metal shelves on the side to prepare it. And these two shelves are designed to fold back when finished to save space. Everything is automatic and fast with the Piezoelectric ignition system, you just start the grill to heat up by pushing a button. Even this system also integrates a thermometer on the lid for you to monitor the temperature of the blister. The biggest drawback of this gas grill line is that sometimes the grease management system does not perceive the amount of grease received, so cause dripping the spill from two sides.

MASTER COOK Gas Grill Propane Grills Classic Smart Space Living 3 Burner LP Gas Grill


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