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Royal Gourmet Classic 6 Burner Gas Grill SG6002 Review

Diogo Abreu
  Dec 2, 2022 2:05 AM

Royal Gourmet Classic 6 Burner Gas Grill SG6002 Review. We'll describe how it works, how easy it is to use, what we like most, what may be improved, and if we recommend it as a top gas grill. We love this grill.


Royal Gourmet Classic 6-Burner Gas Grill SG6002 can feed a hungry football squad quickly. Pourquoi? The gas grill has 5 stainless steel burners with a maximum of 50,000 BTU, a sear burner with 12,000 BTU, and a covered side burner with 9,000 BTU.

The capability of this gas barbecue is unstoppable. With 603 square inches of main cooking surface and 199 square inches of swing-away warming rack, A detachable grease bin and electrical ignition make using and cleaning the grill easier. Porcelain-enameled cast iron grills with double-layer stainless steel covers retain heat while grilling. This gas barbecue seems big but has fragile wheels.

We'll describe how it works, how easy it is to use, what we like most, what may be improved, and if we recommend it as a top gas grill. We love this grill.

Customer ratings by feature

  • Heat output  4.0 /5 Sao  
  • Temperature Contro  3.6/5 sao  
  • Heat distribution   3.6/5 sao
  • Value for money  3.4/5 sao


Professional grill maker and supplier Royal Gourmet has released the US-SG6002R, a 6-burner, liquid-propane grill with sear and side burners and 71,000 BTUs of stainless steel cabinet-style gas grilling power. Totaling 795 square inches, the cooking space is comprised of the main cooking surface of 602 square inches of porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and a secondary cooking area of 193 square inches of warming rack. The right-hand U-shaped sear burner produces 12,000 BTU for powerful performance during rapid grilling, while the 9,000 BTU burner under the lid is perfect for making sauces and other condiments.

The double-layer cover provides great heat retention, so your meal will stay nice and warm for longer and retain its flavor. The improved taste may be attained by placing the dome over the cooking vessel and letting it mimic an oven. Real-time temperature readings are taken via the integrated thermometer. The galvanized steel oil pan may be removed and is big enough to contain any overflow. The grease cup may be removed and used to catch fluids before they damage the floor. Both may be slid out of the way for simple cleaning.

Ample Space for Preparing Meals - The porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and porcelain-enameled steel wire warming rack add up to a spacious 795 square inches of cooking space.
Extremely Productive Five independently controlled tube burners (10,000 BTU each), a sear burner (12,000 BTU), and a side burner (9,000 BTU) combine to make this a powerful gas grill with a total output of 71,000 BTU.

Electronic Ignition System - If you adjust the knobs to their maximum setting and click the electronic ignitor button on the control panel's stainless steel front, the ignition will immediately commence.

Additional Side Burner -  If you need to prepare some soup or a side dish, use the 9,000 BTUs from the covered side burner. When not in use, the lid may be folded down to provide additional counter space and shield the stovetop from accidental damage.

End Table that can withstand the elements - The additional prep area provided by a side table is useful for keeping things like spices, grilling implements, or whole plates of food so that you can easily reach them while cooking.

Burners Made of Stainless Steel - made from heat- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel for long use. With a combined 50,000 BTU (10,000 each), five strong tube burners provide consistent heat.

True Temperature Display  The built-in thermometer makes it possible to keep track of the temperature without having to open the lid regularly, guaranteeing that the food retains its maximum taste.

High-Efficiency Frying Pan  With an output of 12,000 BTU, the U-shaped sear burner creates a sizzling sear zone for festive events. It enables consistent warmth and temperature regulation.

Disposal and Recycling of Used Grease - The full-sized, detachable, non-degrading and corroding galvanized grease tray and huge grease cup make cleaning a breeze and safeguard flooring against spills.

Movable and Stable Wheels - The braking mechanism provides solid stability when grilling, and the four lockable caster wheels make every movement simpler and no longer demand extraordinary strength and stamina.

Product details

  • Brand    Royal Gourmet
  • Material    Stainless Steel
  • Color    Silver
  • Recommended grill cover: Royal Gourmet CR6412
  • Primary cooking area: 36.4’’ x 16.5’’=602 sq. in.
  • Warming rack area: 36.5’’ x 5.3’’=193 sq. in.
  • Product size: 62.6’’ x 22’’ x 45.7’’
  • Item Weight    106.7 Pounds
  • Finish Type    Painted
  • Model Name    US-SG6002R

Reason to Buy

  • The furnace includes 5 custom-controlled header pipes
  • Built-in thermometer makes it possible to monitor the temperature.
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Double layer security lid, great food delicious and warm steadily.
  • Grease tray and right cup Both slide easily for hassle-free cleanup.

Minor Drawbacks

  • The baking parts have come apart, they can't be heat treated.

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See reviews for Royal Gourmet US-SG6002R 6 BBQ Liquid Propane Grill 71,000 BTU Stainless steel grill,  from customer

Style: Liquid Propane GrillVerified Purchase, I'm really happy with this grill. The instructions aren't the best. But as long as you put a grill together before, it's pretty much the same process. I put it together by myself and it took me about 3 hours. I highly recommend this grill. It's very big. Heck, I think you can fit about 4 -6 slabs of ribs on here depending on their size.

The Burners don't go out even when it's windy. My old grill would go out at the slightest breeze. It's very easy to clean you just pull out the grease catcher and dispose of the grease. Slide out the tray and spray it with the water hose. Put everything back in, and you're good to go. I cook pretty often for my family so the cleanup process is very quick and easy. Again if you're in the market for a new grill. I highly recommend this 5.0 out of 5  Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2022(source: Amazon)

Style: Liquid Propane GrillVerified Purchase, Was fairly easy to assemble, but the door compartment is out of square, and had to shim one side so the door would close, overall it took about an hour for me to assemble it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 1, 2022(source: Amazon)


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