Safety & Warranty


Safety is one of the most important factors after the cooking features above. After all, a fire-related machine product needs to ensure high safety. The danger can be very easy to happen, because your party is more likely to have children, and they are often hyperactive, even danger can happen to adult who directly grill food. That’s why since the product you purchase needs to be carefully evaluated for the stability of the fire system. Nobody wants anything unfortunate to happen if the fire suddenly breaks out terribly. Also, pay attention to sharp edges to avoid hurting yourself and the people around if you accidentally bump into. If your grill has a lid, ask a counselor to make sure it won’t overheat when you touch it even when the grid is hottest. And if the grill has wheels, push few teststo make sure the wheels move smoothly, and the gas grill has to stand still without moving when you want.

The burner is also important, you should pay attention to the warranty for the burner. This is the most replaced part of a gas grill. 10 years warranty for your burner is a perfect number. Some brands even offer a lifetime warranty, or guarantee a portion of the cost when you need to replace the burner.


Wish you find a suitable gas stove for your family through our review!

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