There are only 3 problems you need to consider. First, is the occupied space of the grill in your home, or in the garden, or on terrace,… of course there are many positions where you can set your gas grill depending on each type of party, as long as the gas grill don’t affect to your living and playing space. Normally, there should be a minimum of 2 feet of clearance on each side of your grill. Most gas grills will have wheels purpose to travel or outdoor camping. We have an idea that you can choose a grill of the right size, have wheels and the shelves can be folded neatly to save space and bring everywhere.

Second, consider the amount of food you will need to cook on the gas grill. For example, small grills can cook a maximum of 18 burgers on the gas grill at once, withg mid-sized grills is 28 burgers at once, and this is also the best-selling type, finally the number is more than 28 burgers at once for a largest sized grills.

Finally, try to think of all the dishes you’re going to grilling, the dishes you will serve guests at each different party. For example, you can serve guests burgers and hot dogs and a big turkey, some vegetables like corn, potatoes,… They are important factors to consider when choosing gas grill with a variety of grill space.

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