Weber Genesis® II LX S-340 Gas Grill

Weber is a brand that produces top quality charcoal grills, and the Genesis II LX S-340 grill is a great product whichdemonstrates that. This type of stove is very versatile, your family can choose to use 3 types of burners, depending on your grilling needs: two – four – six burners. The structure of the grill is also completely convenient, you can easily get tools hanging on the integrated tool hooks with tuck-away warming rack on the side. With a stainless steel cooking grates and the most advanced GS4 cooking system compared to previous versions of Weber, it will make you absolutely delighted with cooking. The GS4 baking system is very special, the high performance burners with conical shapes that distribute heat evenly across the blister. At this time, the flame heated the surface of blister, the food began to create delicioussmoky scents. The system also includes a grease management feature that helps prevent fat from the risk of flare-ups. The only drawback of this line of cookers is the low maximum heat output and the rolling wheel is not smooth.

Comp Bind Technology Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Gas Grill Custom Fitting Outdoor Marine Blue/Grey Water Resistant Cover – 59”W x 29”D x 48”H


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