The Best Gas Grills Under $1000


If you want to get a grill that pretty much does everything you want, you have to stretch out your budget a bit more. Setting aside a budget of $400 or lower simply isn’t just enough to get an excellent grill that can do anything you want. There is a reason why gas grills are priced the way they are. Meaning, a grill that costs $800 will probably do more than a grill that only costs $300. So, if you are to ask us, what is the sweet spot in terms of price range, for getting an excellent grill. The answer to that question is around $1000. And here are your best choices for grills $1000.

Weber Genesis II S-310

If it’s any gas grill below $1000, Weber will be able to provide you with many choice. But the Genesis II S-310 is probably the best one among all the Weber gas grills priced below $1000. Let us show you why. The S-310 is one of Weber’s premier gas grills. Since it is from the Genesis series, you can expect that it is made of high grade materials. It features three stainless steel burners that have a rating of 37,500 BTUs. It’s not the most power gas grill out there, but it makes up for it with reliability and durability. The reason for its high reliability is its GS4 grilling system. This system includes the three high performance stainless steel burners, porcelain enameled Flavorizer Bars and a new grease management system that will reduce the risk of flare-ups and helps make grease removal a lot easier.


It also features porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates spread out across 513 square inches of cooking space. Plus, it has a 156 square inch Tuck-Away warming rack so you can keep your food warm while waiting for dinner or lunch time. Lastly, this gas grill sports an infinity ignition system that guarantees start up simply by turning the knob. That’s how easy it is to use this grill. It’s reliability, ease of use, durability and value for money is what makes this gas grill the top choice for gas grills below $1000. You simply can’t find any other gas grill that offers these things better.

Dyna-Glo Black and Stainless Premium 5-Burner Gas Grills

There’s something quite beautiful with the mixture of black and shiny silver. This is what Dyna-Glo offers, a luxurious looking gas grill for lesser money You may find latest Dyna-glo grill reviews and this gas grill features five burners. This gas grill features five burners (as indicated in the title). You can usually find gas grills that feature five burners in the above $1000 price range. This is an exemption. We don’t know how Dyna-Glo managed to make a gas grill that has five burners at a lower cost, but we’ll take it. This gas grill pretty much does the same thing as the S-310. The only difference is it doesn’t have the Weber patented flavorizer bars.


The difference doesn’t stop there. This 5-burner gas grill also comes with integrated temperature gauge so you can cook with precision. It has a push button ignition system that will ensure easy start up. It also has a cabinet style two-door cart with tank pull-out, so you can easily load the liquid propane tank. You can also easily move it around using the four heavy duty casters. One thing that it does better than the Weber gas grill is it has a larger cooking space. It has a total of 764 square inches of cooking area. That guarantees that you can cook enough food for your family and friends. Best of all, the components of this gas grill is made of premium grade stainless steel. That guarantees longevity. So basically, the only reason why Weber is considered better than this grill is because of its patented flavorizer bars. But aside from that, they are pretty much identical. Broil

King Baron 5-Burner 540-S

The third and last one on our list is the Broil King Baron 5-Burner 540-S. Just like the Dyna-Glo gas grill above, this one is also a 5-burner grill. It’s a little less powerful than the Dyna-Glo, but it is still a great piece of equipment. Broil King designed this grill to improve the grilling experience of every user that uses it. It features dual-tube burners that provide a total of 50,000 BTUs. That makes it easier for the user to grill any meat they want. It also speeds up the cooking time since it provides more heat. It does sport a side burner that provides an additional 10,000 BTUs. The side burner is very hand because you can cook side dishes or simmer sauces with it.


It is a bit smaller than the other two grills featured in this article. It only has a total of 555 square inches of primary cooking space. It does offer an additional 250 square inches of space on a warming rack. This warming rack can be used to keep your food at serving temperature or heat your hot dog buns before serving it to your guests. Just like the Weber gas grill, the Broil King Baron 5-Burner 540-S uses proprietary technology called Flav-R-Wave cooking system. It is pretty similar to the flavorizer bars of Weber. The system is made of stainless steel and fills the entire cooking box where it catches and vaporizes the grease and drippings. This will add a smoky flavor to the meat you are grilling. All in all, this grill is an excellent investment because it offers most of the same features as the above two grills in this article

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